At Kanali, 13 km from the city of Preveza, there is situated the 3 star Hotel Esperanza, which is "on the sea" (20 m. from the beach) and has 11 rooms (27 beds), 9 of them with view to the Ionian sea. In addition, in our hotel you can find a restaurant, a cafe – bar, beach bar, a loft with view in the sea and a playground for our little friends. People with special needs can have access in our hotel too.

rom our hotel, you can visit many interesting places, some of them are:

In our restaurant you can find every day fresh fish such as prawns, sardine, koutsomoura fish, petali, sargos, sinagrida, tsipoura, glossa, swordfish and our speciality spaggeti with prawns. You can also enjoy many dishes of our Greek cuisine and a lot of delicious starters